Good Bubble Baby & Kids Bath Range

This week, we've been trying out a baby brand we'd not heard of before: Good Bubble. They're available in Boots and they kindly sent us some of the products in their range, including their Gruffalo set - while Zara's too young to get excited about the Gruffalo just yet, I know a lot of little ones would love these! 

Good Bubble is free from (deep breath in): artificial colours, sulphates, parabens and PEG. They're certified vegan by the Vegan Society, with the cruelty-free accreditation of the Leaping Bunny stamped on the packaging too, and they're made from 98% naturally-derived ingredients. As someone who used to have diluted Dettol poured on her head as a child (that's another, well-meaning, story), these products are a dream come true! 


First up, we tried the Gruffalo bubble bath and hair & body wash. The bath smelled delicious! I got in too as we recently put the baby bath in the loft so that Zara and I can bathe together. It smells of prickly pear (cactus fruit) - I only know what this smells like because I've had cactus water a few times! 


The body wash was lovely too - it didn't dry out her skin like another brand we tried a couple of months back. I didn't find she needed any moisturiser after this, which I think is a good sign. I put a little of the scented moisturiser on just to try it out, and ended up putting it all over my arms because it was so good. I think baby moisturisers are underrated for adult skin - they're less thick, but that makes me more likely to actually put it on every day. 

We'll be gifting the detangler to Zara's older cousin who has way more hair than her. I forgot that products like detangler even existed - I guess there's lots to think about having a daughter! 

We haven't tried the dragon fruit bubble bath just yet, but I had to open the pack so that we could play around with Dexter the dragon - a puppet who doubles as a bath glove.


They also have an organic coconut oil - we use coconut oil after nappy changes and Zara's yet to get nappy rash, so it seems to be working well. 


I love these products so far, and Zara loves them too! 


Have you tried out Good Bubble before? What do you think of their products?  


Thanks for reading!  

Good Bubble bath products - vegan and cruelty-free - review

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