Bamboo toothbrush by SaveSomeGreen

The notion of 'ahimsa' in yoga means 'no harm' - trying to minimise harm to other beings and to the earth with our lifestyle.

Yes, there are some big ways we can make changes (like diet), but there are loads of tiny ways that all add up, like this little bamboo toothbrush from SaveSomeGreen. Bamboo can grow up to 1.2m a day (!) and is a far more sustainable material than plastic. I've been using bamboo for a few months now and love it so much I had to share.

 Medium bamboo toothbrush  (Image:  Save Some Green )

Medium bamboo toothbrush (Image: Save Some Green)

SaveSomeGreen is an online shop selling homeware and personal items including bamboo knitting needles, natural toothpaste and silicone baby bibs. There are three adult toothbrushes to choose from: medium, soft nylon and charcoal, as well as a kids' brush. I bought a medium pack of 3 - it's ยฃ3 for one brush or ยฃ8.50 for a multipack (there are multipacks of 6 and 12 too which work out cheaper).

 Unlike lots of eco-friendly products, the toothbrush doesn't look gross.

Unlike lots of eco-friendly products, the toothbrush doesn't look gross.

 And it's less harsh on gums :)

And it's less harsh on gums :)

This brush is so much softer than the toothbrushes I've used previously - I forgot to take it to my family's house one night and used a spare and could tell the difference straight away! 

What I'd love to see next is detachable heads - using the same handle and clipping on a new head each time one wears away, like we do with razor heads. That would make the bamboo toothbrush even more eco-friendly, and bring the cost down for the consumer too.

Check out Save Some Green's online shop and let me know if you try out a bamboo toothbrush! I chose this product because it was cheaper than a lot of others online without being a huge eBay seller - I like supporting smaller companies where I can afford to, and this seemed like a good opportunity to shop small and within the UK.


Thanks for reading!

Serena xo