#FlashbackFriday: from cider to stretching

Serena Lee // @imserenalee // Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer, East London // Sobriety & Giving Up Alcohol

Spreading my legs in a different way 😂😩
My weekends used to be fuelled by White Ace cider at £2.59 for 2L 🍺  mixed with blackcurrant cordial 🍇. Yes that's a spray tan I got in Essex 🍊. Yes this was a regular occurrence 👯.
These photos are about 5 years apart ⏳. If you think the left looks fun and the right looks boring af, I get it because 5 years ago I would have looked at future me and thought "why you so old 👵🏼" ✨but✨  I fell in love with living healthily and spreading this message to other people so they can spend their Sunday morning creatively, productively & full of energy 🐣  and not with a face full of hungover Supernoodles 🍜.
What are your passions outside of socialising? 👭 Could you turn them into something that's bigger than the self? 💆🏻 Alcohol was one of the obstacles to my productivity 🚫 and this along with a few other reasons led to me going sober in 2014. 💧 Try a 30-day dry challenge and see how you feel aaand come back and let me know how it went! ☺️⚡️🙏