About Serena Lee

Serena Lee // Wellness & Natural Lifestyle Blog // Vegan // Sustainable Lifestyle // Yoga & Fitness // London, UK

Helping people live a balanced, energetic life is my passion, and I believe that living aligned with our values brings happiness like no other.

My name is Serena and I'm a yoga & fitness instructor and wellness blogger based in London.

I became interested in a conscious lifestyle back in 2013, and along the way this has encompassed:

◌ Taking up a plant-based, vegan diet
◌ Living a slow, mindful, yogic lifestyle with regular exercise and plenty of rest
◌ Holding onto less stuff and having more intention
◌ Spending time & money more diligently
◌ Embarking on a journey of natural beauty & self-care
◌ Growing plants (to love & to eat)
◌ Working towards a more sustainable lifestyle

If you're into these things too, please come along for the journey! I share tips, tricks, failings and everything in between, all surrounding wellness & natural lifestyle, and I also post on Instagram here. :)

Alongside this blog and my person social pages, I also share vegan food & lifestyle options for the Vegans of LDN community, which I started in 2015.

And if you're interested in attending one of my yoga workshops, vegan yoga brunches or yoga retreats, please contact me here

Thank you for reading!




200RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance)
Level 3 Personal Trainer (YMCA)
Level 2 Gym Instructor (YMCA)