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The Vegan London Book Is Here!

The Vegan London Book Is Here!

vegan london book

Vegans don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or any foods derived from these products. Veganism seeks to avoid the exploitation of non-human animals as part of a compassionate way of living, and so there’s more to it than diet - but it’s a good place to start!

Vegans of LDN

I blog about vegan food & lifestyle coming from East London, but will always travel for food! I founded Vegans of LDN in 2015 as a resource to share the best and most vegan-friendly places to eat and drink around all areas of London, promoting vegan living in the city. Vegans of LDN is steadily growing as London’s largest online vegan community, and serves London vegans as a resource for where to wine, dine and even go for a vegan-friendly hair appointment (my main focus however, will always be my first love: plant-based food).

Almost five years ago, I made the decision to change my eating habits and eliminate animal-based products from my diet. The misconception is that it’s really hard to eat a vegan diet when out and about in London, but that couldn’t further from the truth. London is the best city for vegan lifestyle choices, whether you need to find a vegan-friendly place to eat, find brands that match the lifestyle or meet like-minded people in events held around the city. There are even vegan hairdressers and beauticians! There are so many vibrant and vivacious dishes, brands and initiatives operating throughout London, so it’s pretty straightforward being a vegan in London if you know your way around - but sometimes a guide can be really useful to help navigate through the endless amounts of opportunities.

During 2018, I wrote a book listing some of my favourite places that align with vegan ethics by way of offering vegan food options, and had it published by White Lion Publishing. In my book, Vegan London: A guide to the capital's best cafés, restaurants and food stores - part of Quarto’s London series, I lay out some of the best places in the city - whether you’re looking for Café Culture, Plant Power or somewhere for Date Night. There’s also a map to help you navigate along easily, with some beautiful images by photographer Jack Orton. It’s a book for vegans in London or visiting London who want to embrace the plant-based veggie paradise!

Vegan London: A guide to the capital’s best cafes, restaurants and food stores

The Vegan London book features 80 different locations, so there’s certainly no shortage of vegan and vegan-friendly eateries across the city! Whether you’re about to board the Veganuary-train or you’ve just come off the back of a month-long vegan trial or challenge, I’m confident that Vegan London has plenty of options for you and even your non-vegan friends. From cakes to ice cream, mock meats to gourmet meals, this guidebook will have you covered.

Below are just a few of the restaurants and cafes that feature in my (first published!) book, Vegan London.

The Gallery Café

A beloved local café, serving up vegan-only dishes since recently making the switch from vegetarian, The Gallery Café is located in Bethnal Green and owned by St Margaret’s house. This community-focused cafe not only offers delicious food but also a variety of community events geared towards promoting positive social change.

Ms Cupcake

One of the original 100% vegan bakeries in London, Ms Cupcake produces brownies, muffins and an assortment of delicious cakes - with delivery available too. It’s always worth swinging by when in Brixton!


Recently setting up shop in Hackney, CookDaily is one of my favourite 100% vegan eateries, supplying delicious street food, handcrafted by King and his team. Try the Chick’n & Mushroom Pie, the Yoga Fire and the High Grade.

Temple Of Seitan

Looking for a no-frills, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin fast food fix? Temple of Seitan is your place. Serving some the best vegan fried ‘chicken’ in town, I’m confident Temple of Seitan can leave even the most staunch meat-eaters pleasantly surprised. If you’re not a mock-chicken fan, they also cook up a killer mac ‘n’ cheese!


Just Fab

Look for the double decker bus on Hackney Road, just a stone’s throw from Cambridge Heath overground station. Serving Sicilian food, from vegan arancini to panelle, this is one of my favourite Italian street food spots in east London.

Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones & More!

I wanted to share parts of the book in this blog post but I wasn’t sure what I could share and what I couldn’t! I’ve gone for the safe option and below is an excerpt from the blurb.

“From bangers 'n' mash to bánh mì, London has one of the most eclectic vegan food scenes in the world, and it's growing by the day. Discover creative twists on classic dishes, fusion cuisine and tempting desserts through Vegan London - with eighty of London's best vegan and vegan-friendly establishments at your fingertips, you'll find food and drink for every budget and for any occasion.

Whether you're vegan or vegan-curious, local or visiting, use this guidebook to plan your way from afternoon tea in Knightsbridge to falafel in Shoreditch, and enjoy London the ethical way without missing out on great food.”

Vegan London: A guide to the capital's best cafes, restaurants and food stores is available online and in stores in the London retailing at £9.99

I’d love to know what you think of the book! If you have any questions about Vegan London, you can always reach me on Instagram through @imserenalee or @vegansofldn.


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