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Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs: 2019 Roundup

Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs: 2019 Roundup

With Easter on the way, I thought I’d turn my attention to the chocolatey vegan options on offer this year. The dairy-free industry is growing hugely, and becoming much more widely accessible! Having spent a couple of weeks eating my way through too many chocolate eggs to count, I’ve picked some of my favourites and shared my thoughts. There are some great options in the list below, but budget, intolerances and whether or not you like dark chocolate are all factors to consider. Also, a big pat on the back to Goupie and Divine for going plastic-free! I’d love to see more plastic-free options available by next year.

Please note that some of the eggs were gifted to me - see the bottom of this post for full details.

Here’s the list - if you have any suggestions or questions, let me know, or find me on Instagram at @imserenalee and @vegansofldn.

(1) Lindt’s Dark Chocolate Bunny

Lindt’s iconic Dark Chocolate Bunny is back and available in several sizes, the most commonly available being the 100g or the 200g. A no-nonsense hollow, thick block ,shaped as a rabbit with premium-tasting dark chocolate is a fine way to kick off a vegan Easter.

Cost: £4

Key Info: Delicious dark chocolate, readily available in supermarkets.

Available From: Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s & Amazon.

(2) Plamil’s So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative Egg

The Plamil So Free Milk Chocolate Alternative is a great, straight-forward product for those suffering from intolerances and allergies, being dairy- and gluten-free. They produce a white chocolate version and a no-added-sugar version too. There’s a little sharing bag of solid eggs in the bottom of the box. While taste-wise it’s not my personal favourite, it’s the ideal alternative to a standard kids’ Easter egg as it’s affordable and milk chocolate rather than dark, which kids tend to go for more!

Cost: £4

Key Info: A straight-forward ‘milk’ chocolate egg, suitable for those with intolerances.

Available From: Plamil & a variety of health shops.

(3) Friars Vegan Truffle Eggs

Friar’s Vegan Truffle eggs are a 6-pack of vegan chocolate truffles: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate orange. Made from almond and rice milk, these truffles are the perfect sampling size. Great for sharing (or six little me-time moments). I loved the chocolate orange one - it reminded me of chocolate orange Revels - are those still around?! The coffee Revel was awful.

Cost: £3.99 - ENTER VEGANSOFLDN to get a free pack of vegan truffle eggs added to your order. Not an affiliate code - Friars just kindly gave us a code to share.

Key Info: Three flavours of vegan chocolate truffles.

Available From: Friars.

(4) Friars Luxury Vegan Egg

This Easter sees Friars introduce flavours like gin, peanut butter, and Prosecco to their vegan easter egg range, alongside their Viennese truffles. This egg includes six truffles and 100g of Easter-themed chocolate bites, as well as a hollow easter egg. It’s also important to note that this is a dairy-free milk chocolate egg, like the Plamil one. While most of the eggs on this list are dark chocolate, Friars have made themselves a milk chocolate egg from almond milk and rice milk. Friars Luxury Vegan egg will be a welcomed gift for many on Easter Day.

Cost: £24.99 - ENTER VEGANSOFLDN to get a free pack of vegan truffle eggs added to your order!

Key Info: The all-rounder - white chocolate, milk chocolate and truffles!

Available From: Friars.

(5) Sylvia And Terry’s Clutch of Mini Vegan Easter Eggs

If you’re looking for something a bit more bitesized, this Kent-based brand offers 8 different flavours from passionfruit to mint, dark chocolate to strawberry all neatly wrapped in foil. The passionfruit was my favourite flavour - it’s a peachy colour and very zingy! Perfect for a dinner party, for a friend or for sharing with family, the reasonable price of £5 for 4 eggs makes it hard to resist.

Cost: £5

Key Info: Select your own flavours of vegan chocolate mini eggs. Some flavours aren’t vegan, so choose diligently.

Available From: Sylvia And Terry.

(6) Sylvia And Terry’s Handmade Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

As soon as you take this egg out of the box, you can really start to understand the craftsmanship that has gone into putting together this handmade dark chocolate honeycomb egg. Made with 66% Valrhona premium chocolate, and with edible chocolate bees and honeycomb pieces in the box below the egg, this is one of the heaviest all-chocolate eggs on this list, at 250g.

Cost: £20

Key info: Beautifully-designed dark chocolate egg with honeycomb and premium chocolate.

Available From: Sylvia And Terry.

(7) Goupie’s Salted Sticky Toffee Egg

This dairy-free option is made from golden syrup, dates and almonds - along with 100% fairtrade cocoa powder, and just the right amount of Maldon sea salt flakes. Inside the Fabergé-inspired egg-shaped tin are smaller pieces of salted sticky toffee Goupie chocolate - this is as delicious as it sounds!

With 36 different tin designs available, Goupie adds a welcome addition to the lineup this Easter.

Cost: £9

Key Info: Faberge-inspired tin egg with pieces of sticky toffee inside.

Available From: Goupie.

(8) Booja-Booja’s Truffle Easter Eggs (Various Flavours)

Booja-Booja is one of my favourite vegan chocolate & ice cream brands - every bite is so savoured. Booja-Booja are offering a range of hand-painted decorative eggs this Easter, with their trademark truffles inside, varying in flavour from Salted Almond to Hazlenut Crunch, and even Champagne, in both small (3 truffles) or large (12 truffles). The eggs are beautiful to look at and reusable, and the truffles, as always, are delicious.

Cost: £9.99 - £24.99

Key Info: Soft truffles in a beautiful and reusable hand-painted egg.

Available From: Ocado, Waitrose.

(9) Asda’s Free From Choc Easter Bunny

This gluten-free and dairy-free milk chocolate alternative Easter Bunny comes in at a low price-point, making it ideal for kids and big kids alike. Easily accessible through Asda, the Choc Bunny is part of a strong line of vegan-friendly Easter snacks from the supermarket giant.

Cost: £3

Key Info: Ideal for children.

Available From: Asda.

(10) Asda’s Extra Special Free From Dairy Free Belgian Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Vanilla Flavoured Truffles

Smooth, Belgian Dark Chocolate is a classic indulgence for any occasion. Asda have added vanilla flavoured truffles to this egg, which are an added bonus! At £5, Asda have created an affordable bundle for an ever-growing audience of dairy-free and vegan eaters. A great option if you don’t want to spend too much, but want the luxury of truffles with an easter egg.

Cost: £5

Key Info: A good option if looking to combine an Easter egg with truffles.

Available From: Asda.

(11) Asda’s Extra Special Free From Easter Egg Selection


If you’re unable to decide which of Asda’s Free From range is best, this could be the one for you (it’s my favourite from their range, too). Featuring three different types of chocolate (dark, white and ‘milk’) Asda has put together a lovely option here for dairy-free chocolate lovers. The raspberry pieces in the original choc egg are divine!

Cost: £4.50

Key Info: Great for sharing over dinner - something for everyone in the family.

Available From: Asda.

(12) Divine Chocolate’s 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

One of my favourite chocolate brands, Divine Chocolate, has put together some great options for Easter 2019. This 70% dark chocolate egg comes with a cluster of mini Easter eggs too; ideal for sharing, the egg is also quite large. In addition to this, the product is plastic-free, and the chocolate is palm-oil-free too - a plus for green bellies! Divine Chocolate is also Fairtrade labelled and a certified B Corp product - which means that Divine Chocolate meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Cost: £9.99

Key Info: Divine dark chocolate with a certified eco & ethical label.

Available From: Divine, Ocado, and many more.

(13) Divine Chocolate’s Smooth Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

This smooth hazelnut egg is made with high-quality dark chocolate and comes with a cluster of crunchy hazelnuts. As with all of Divine’s products, the brand uses chocolate made with Fairtrade cocoa, with workers earning a fair wage from a sustainable livelihood. This smooth hazelnut dark chocolate egg is a great option for dark chocolate lovers who are looking for the good stuff with a twist!

Cost: £5.00

Key Info: An egg with a smooth hazelnut flavour from a conscious brand.

Available From: Divine, Ocado, and many more.

(14) Divine Chocolate’s Flights of Flavours Easter Eggs

If you’re unable to decide which of the three vegan-friendly Divine Chocolate eggs you try, the Flights of Flavours Easter Eggs is a good option. Covering 5 different flavours, the plastic-free pack contains the following flavours: raspberry, ginger & orange, pink Himalayan salt, smooth hazelnut and 70% dark chocolate. The 70% dark chocolate, hazelnut, and pink Himalayan salt are all available as stand-alone eggs too.

Cost: £7.50

Key Info: A tasting menu of Divine eggs.

Available From: Divine, Waitrose, and many more.

Have you tried any of these chocolates? I have too many favourites - the Sylvia & Terry mini eggs have really creative flavours, especially coming from a non-vegan company - and their large egg is visually stunning. Booja-Booja is my favourite chocolate in general, and I like how they thought outside of the box with their reusable egg. And I love how Friars have three products in one box - it feels like a real gift to receive. I’m really impressed with Divine’s quality and the people ethics of their brand. Asda wins for the surprise factor, their white chocolate tasted just like a Milkybar and was beyond delicious!

I hope your Easter is filled with love and family, and lots of chocolate too!

Thanks for reading.


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Post supported by Friars, Sylvia & Terry, Asda, Divine, and Lindt, who sent me chocolate to review (I wrote and asked them, so all my money didn’t have to be spent on chocolate this month :’)). There are no affiliate links in this post - I will always clarify if & when affiliate links/codes are included in a post. All reviews are always honest & my own - please share your opinions too! By helping the brands who support this blog, you'll help me in turn to share more ethical products & services :) Thank you again for reading this post!

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