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Chasing the Dragonfruit: Perfect Pitaya

Post-gym is the perfect time to rehydrate and work wonders for the digestive system with fibre-packed dragon fruit :)

Those with ties to ASEA will be all too familiar with dragon fruit - but most of my colleagues freak out when they see one, so I thought I’d write a little post about the beauty of pitaya!

This deep pink, oval-shaped fruit with little green ears is fast becoming known as one of nature’s perfect superfoods, and here’s why:

  • Stay strong: as well as being high in vitamin C, dragon fruits are calcium-rich, full of iron for healthy blood, and high in phosphorus which aids healthy tissue formation.

  • Heart healthy: dragon fruits are low in cholesterol and a great source of monounsaturated fats

  • Happy tummy: high in fibre, dragon fruits can aid digestion and help with constipation. They’re a win-win, as they digest quickly (being simple carbohydrates) without triggering a sudden surge in sugar (being fibre-rich).

  • Eco-friendly: dragon fruits absorb CO2 at night, then release air-purifying oxygen.


Nutritional facts (taken from Heal With Food)


Most of the dragon fruits I’ve seen imported into the UK are the white-flesh kind, but purple flesh is also common in Malaysia. Try it with mango on top of your ice kacang:

Pitaya only contain around 60 calories each, so a good few go into my breakfast. Cut through lengthways, take a spoon and scoop straight out. Jom makan!

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