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Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer

Dear Life, dear Consciousness,

As the sun sets on today I thank you and I come to reflect on this day mindfully.

The day that I do my best is the best day of my life, and I understand that with this way of living, every day can be the best day of my life.

For this reason, I pray not for happenings nor for a change of circumstances. I pray instead that I can better use the infinite strength that lives inside me, that I can draw on the power that created me and resides within me; I pray to be absorbed back into a perfect relationship with the omnipotence that is always ready and willing to be used for good - that which is always present, regardless of whether or not I am conscious of it.

I pray, dear Consciousness, that in this human life, I'm able to share this message loudly and clearly: that contentment comes with the mastery of changing our own flow to ride unpredictable waves.

Contentment comes with the mastery of changing our own flow to ride unpredictable waves.

Thank you for helping me to align my thoughts and my actions with my values. Every day there are challenges and conflicts between my actuality and my potentiality. Every day I become more aware of the ways I don't align with my truth, and I thank you for reminding me almost instantly with the presence of guilt that creates a living state of Hell. I must acknowledge my challenges daily and use them as tools to become better.

I wish to be in a living state of Heaven always. This means living and breathing goodness, and living with these four agreements: being impeccable with my word, not taking things personally, trying not to make assumptions, and always doing my best. 

Tomorrow I promise to work on this further.

In this human life, with each day, there are human desires that haven't shaken off by nightfall. In this moment now, as best as I can, I wash myself clean of the dust that is human desire and craving; I let this dust settle into the earth, ready to be watered and nurtured and transformed anew.

Help me, dear Life, to come to higher consciousness, away from this human side I call my own.

Higher consciousness, I move towards you.

I acknowledge that form is constantly changing, and that my form too is just passing through. Death exists so that we are aware of life, and so I am thankful for death and all of its teachings about life. 

I contemplate death calmly with both hands as I inhale, and I release death calmly as I exhale.

In these last moments of the day, I become the moon: bowing to the source of Life, bowing to you, the Giver.

I breathe in your fire and reflect it back as soft light and stillness.

Thank you Consciousness, thank you Life.

I am ready for tomorrow.

I let go, I let go, I let go and I melt into a deep and restful sleep.

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