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Unidentifying with Form

Through unidentifying with the form, most of all, I have learned to look at death with bright eyes. We are formlessness embodied in form - attaching our ‘selves’ to others, to our own form and to the form around us. My brother, my husband, my health -- but we don't possess these things. We can re-learn to love intransitively. Love doesn’t need an object, and we’ve been tricked all our lives into believing that it does. Love should just be, without identification - that’s the only love that never dies nor disappoints. When we direct our love towards the tangible, we’re creating an ‘up’ that by the very laws of this universe must come down, and we either spend our time worrying when that will be, hopelessly trying to prevent it, or we are the one who dies first. But what if we just are love, instead of having love? If we radiate love regardless of form - of name, of material - we will never run out of that which there is to love: because it is both everything and nothing all at once. 

So when we die, it is nothing but this one grouping of matter that all contains formless energy, life force, de-grouping and re-grouping with other bits of form that we love just the same: because there is no ‘person’ to whom we direct our love. We do not have love, and therefore we cannot lose love. We do not possess love, and so we don't live with the fear of loss - the fear of coming down.

I'm beginning to grasp that everything runs on the same continuum and that there is no absolute: no absolute life, death, day, night; when we come to realise that rather than having love, we ourselves are love, we become infinite. We surpass life and death, not identifying with the labels we have learned, and we become able to celebrate all existence as one true consciousness that runs up and down and loops round and around embodying different forms. We observe the change and seek refuge in the stillness, because stillness is the constant from where strength can be drawn and where faith can be placed. It's okay to hold onto what seems like nothing. The nothing is the constant we can trust. It's all within us because we're just the same as it all.

As we learn to look through death, our eyes remember their state of eternal brightness and death becomes nothing but a happening.

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