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My friend,

As the sun is rising today, I'm thinking of you.

Last night we landed in KL and on the way to our hotel we drove past a restaurant named Seremban.

I pictured you and I reminiscing about our parallel childhoods, long summers before we met, immersed in a culture that in England felt like ours and no one else's, at the same time soaking up 'special' attention that came with being half-different when running around Malaysia.

Finally, a friend with whom to share my motherland. Someone who understood that feeling of being from both places but belonging to neither. Someone to fail at cooking tapioca pearl desserts with. Someone to teach me how best to apply eye makeup to make my eyes look bigger. Someone whose tiny shoes I could borrow on a night out.

I will continue to think of you every day because you share both halves of me; you shared both halves with me.

I used to believe that your life was always simply supposed to grow to a certain height, like a bonsai tree: maybe shorter, but no less complete or beautiful.

I no longer believe that anything is 'meant to be'. I believe that everything just ebbs and flows and happens, and that it's more useful to pick up with both hands whatever is given, observe it, feel it and inhale it as a lesson we can exhale out into the world.

Whether the topic is Tinder, catfishing or grief, you'll never stop teaching me. Terima kasih for the love and the lessons my little rambutan ♥️

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