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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

(September 22, 2017)

Consciousness come through me, move this accumulation of matter that is referred to by my name
Ignite in me your will, move me in such a way that I carry your message with ease and grace
Allow me to be a vessel for your message, Hara, help me let go of this ego and open up my heart
Move me from loving transitively, from directing my love at chosen ones, to becoming love itself, to being love itself
Strengthen my energy, lift my voice, deepen my patience and soften my face
Melt this ego, melt this ego, melt this ego

I will align with your message and accept whatever purpose flows through without expectation. My work will be greater than the self.
I am but dancing dust, my ego here for one moment, my body's matter here forever, in always-shifting forms

Hara, we are one and the same. I tune into you every morning; I rest with you every night. Your power is not separate from me; I am only drawing on the power that created me and lives inside me. Whether I am conscious or unconscious, you are here without judgment, and I strive to be grateful always.

Consciousness, come through me, fill me with fire and move me like water.
Today, I commit to having good intention, to giving more than I receive and to loving indiscriminately. I commit to reflecting on this day mindfully, and I know that today is what matters most.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ⭐️ ⭐️

15 Weeks Progress 🙈

15 Weeks Progress 🙈