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Resist and You'll Regret

Resist and You'll Regret

I went to check out the new Body Studio at Selfridges (focused on fitness & wellbeing). As soon as I entered, I was faced with this sign.


These are everywhere. All around us in high street stores. "Love me, try me, buy me"... "Stuff you WANT, stuff you NEED". These phrases are emblazoned across escalator walls, hanging from ceilings and plastered across shop windows but I swear most of the time we don't consciously notice them. It goes in, subliminally.

 This sign was hanging over bags on sale at only £400. (Only!) 

When we make purchases, we rarely stop to think about what we're giving up in order to afford the material we're buying, and that's not all our fault. Try and find a women's magazine at the newsagent's today that doesn't have the term "must-have" in it, most likely next to an item you've lived without quite successfully your entire life. We're taught to keep up. To buy stuff we don't need just to impress other people who don't care about your possessions (they're too busy caring about their own).

 So I say RESIST. You won't regret. Ask yourself what a £400 bag will do for you. If it will add £400's worth of value to your life - value that aligns with your goals, your ambition, your truth -- then go ahead. Everyone's truth is their own.

But if you're scared of resisting spending your money on s*** you don't need because Selfridges is telling you you'll regret it -- if you're scared you'll get left behind if you don't follow the crowd -- RESIST. No regrets.

 The only thing you should never resist investing in is yourself.✌️

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