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Finisterre x Vivobarefoot: Trying Barefoot Shoes

Finisterre x Vivobarefoot: Trying Barefoot Shoes

Finisterre x VIVOBAREFOOT The Prima

A few weeks ago, I wrote to Finisterre, the UK-based brand, about collaborating with them for some upcoming trips that I have. I’m currently writing this from the Scottish Highlands and, as expected, the terrain and the views are so stunning!

Finisterre is a B Corp brand, founded in Cornwall in 2003. Their launch product was a fleece that warms up cold post-surf bodies; since then, the brand has come a long way, and the Finisterre head office now operates from a workshop nestled on top of a cliff in St Agnes, channelling their ethos of functionality and sustainability into a whole host of outdoor gear (and lots of water-focused clothing too).

With a line of clothing - swimsuits to windbreakers to packing cubes - containing recycled material, algae technology, and groundbreaking eco-friendly inner-stuffing for jackets (holding warmth when wet), Finisterre have taken a pioneering approach to make better and more sustainable products.

Finisterre sent me a few of their eco-friendly pieces for my trip, including a pair of their latest shoes in collaboration with Vivobarefoot - another British company who make ‘barefoot’ running shoes. The VIVOBAREFOOT x Finisterre collaboration sees a range of three shoes entering the market, and I’m trying out the Primus design. The Primus is a shoe designed for off-road action - perfect for exploring woodlands or hills. The shoes are incredibly lightweight and flexible - you can even fold them if you need to pack ergonomically! Made out of recycled plastic bottles, this tough shoe has completely changed the way I walk and run - and I’ve only worn them for about a week so far.

A little while ago, I visited a podiatrist for the first time, revealing my ridiculously wide feet. I went on to discover that my bowed legs are a result of my super-wide feet, and that my super-wide feet are like this due to a mixture of genetics, hypermobility, and the fact that I did gymnastics as a a child. This means that, when running, my feet point out to the sides. The podiatrist advised that the best thing I could do is walk around barefoot, and that the second best thing I could do (aside from custom-made shoes) would be to find extra-wide fit shoes that hold my feet together without crushing them - he mentioned looking in places where pensioners get their high-comfort shoes. Not ideal!

From testing out the Primus shoes so far, I feel like I’ve found the hidden solution. I’m so much more aware of how I walk; the fact I feel uncomfortable heel-striking in them forces me to be mindful of doing it, protecting my shins.

Durable and firm, I’m comfortable wearing The Primus in most settings (I tried them on a waterfall today!). No socks are needed for this shoe, and the mesh is made from a breathable, water resistant and quick-drying material. It also comes with optional insoles and normal shoelaces, so you can switch it up depending on what you’re doing in your shoes.

VIVOBAREFOOT x Finisterre Serena Lee Shoe

The images on this blog post also feature Finisterre’s Mistral Waterproof Jacket, one of Finisterre’s flourocarbon-free jackets - a chemical that over time leaches into water, entering the water system.

The Primus can be bought from Finisterre’s website for £125 - men’s here and women’s here. If you’re looking for something truly amphibious, the Ultra is a great option at £75, with all of the ride of a classic Vivobarefoot shoe, but with the addition of being suited for water - think scaling rocks, triathlons, or life on a sail boat. In addition to this, the shoes are made from algae-based BLOOM foam – a sustainable alternative to petrochemical foams.

I’m so happy with these shoes so far. We’re here in Scotland for a few more days, and then heading down the east side of the UK back to London. I can’t wait to take them on a few more walks and jogs around the Highlands!

Have you tried barefoot shoes before? Have they changed your walking or running habits?

Thanks for reading!


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