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Vivobarefoot - Vegan, Barefoot Shoes - Reviews & Discount Code

Vivobarefoot - Vegan, Barefoot Shoes - Reviews & Discount Code

The following excerpt was taken from an blog post I wrote after trying my first pair of Vivobarefoots.

A little while ago, I visited a podiatrist for the first time, revealing my ridiculously wide feet. I went on to discover that my bowed legs are a result of my super-wide feet, and that my super-wide feet are like this due to a mixture of genetics, hypermobility, and the fact that I did gymnastics as a child. This means that, when running, my feet point out to the sides. The podiatrist advised that the best thing I could do is walk around barefoot, and that the second best thing I could do (aside from custom-made shoes) would be to find extra-wide fit shoes that hold my feet together without crushing them - he mentioned looking in places where pensioners get their high-comfort shoes. Not ideal!

From testing out the Primus shoes so far, I feel like I’ve found the hidden solution. I’m so much more aware of how I walk; the fact I feel uncomfortable heel-striking in them forces me to be mindful of doing it, protecting my shins.

Durable and firm, I’m comfortable wearing The Primus in most settings (I tried them on a waterfall today!). No socks are needed for this shoe, and the mesh is made from a breathable, water resistant and quick-drying material. It also comes with optional insoles and normal shoelaces, so you can switch it up depending on what you’re doing in your shoes.

After posting this mini-review on my first pair of Vivobarefoots, the brand kindly asked me to become a brand ambassador. This means that my one year-old daughter and I (yes, they make wonderful children’s shoes!) are able to try out new shoes once they are released to the market. I always opt for the vegan shoes as this is important to me - they have an ever-expanding vegan range!

Below are some images and summaries of the adult shoes that I’ve tried. Vivobarefoot have also provided me with an affiliate discount code ‘SERENALEE’ to share - when entered at the checkout, a 10% discount will be applied. However, this isn’t inclusive of children’s shoes or sale items.

Vivobarefoot Gobi Eco III

I love the Gobi Eco III as it is very different to the rest of the Vivobarefoot collection that I have. The Gobi is perfect for city-living and for smart-casual dressing. Perfect for those occasions where I can’t get away with wearing my PJ bottoms outdoors!

Vivobarefoot Kanna II Women’s

I tried this shoe when in holiday in Minori, Italy. 1,500 steps seemed like a suitable test for an urban hybrid shoe. They’re extremely comfy, and are a lot like the Finisterre collab shoes (more below), but with less intense grip. Because they’re so similar (and I don’t wear a lot of blue), this pair of shoes was destined for my Grandma-in-law, as I wanted to get her into barefoot shoes (she loves them, aged 80+!), but I was keen to try them out first.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II Bio Womens

The Primus Lite II Bio is a bit different to the other shoes on this list, as part of the shoe is made from a renewable plant-based biosynthetic material derived from yellow dent field corn. Vivobarefoot claims it to be the least petroleum-reliant performance shoe in the world, and it’s the brand’s most environmentally-friendly shoe yet.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG x Finisterre Womens

This collaboration with Finisterre was my first Vivobarefoot shoe, and it changed everything for me! This was the ‘gateway drug’ - once I tried the Primus, there was no going back to ‘regular’ shoes (apart from the odd special occasion that I fancy wearing sassy, not-good-for-me shoes). I wrote a more in depth review found here, but this shoe is the one that gets the most wear from me, so I’m a big fan!


Let me know if you try Vivobarefoot shoes - for running, walking, or exploring!

Thanks for reading.


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