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Organic Basics: #SelfCareSunday

Organic Basics: #SelfCareSunday

Organic Basics is a Copenhagen-based clothing company that focuses on sustainable, and better made ‘basics’ - underwear, t-shirts, and socks. The essentials. I have been wearing their clothing for the best part of a year now, as the quality is always great and the fit is so comfy. I’ve been a fan for multiple reasons, as it’s not just the clothing that attracts me to Organic Basics, but their brand ethos too. It’s refreshing to see that sustainability is the focus on all of their products, meaning not only do they create longer-lasting products, but they raise their standards for quality and ethics along the way. Organic Basics pays fair wages, faces no discrimination, and engages only in freely-chosen employment.

The Organic Basics team recently sent me a selection of their new Soft Touch range - consciously created in TENCEL™, as part of their call for #SelfCareSunday.

Poised with that question of what my #SelfCareSunday looks like, I might have laughed out loud… does changing the bedsheets count? #MumLife.
However, when I do get the odd 20 mins to sneak out of the bedroom in the morning before my toddler daughter wakes up, I try to do one of the following:

  • A little yoga

  • Read. It has to be fiction! The book below is Loud Sparrows, a Chinese collection of “short-shorts” - short stories - I can dip into.
    I’ve read and reread this book since I was 16. Short-shorts are great because if my daughter cries for me I can leave the story and go to her!

  • Rearrange pressed flowers into photo frames. This feels really therapeutic. I love it!

  • Pick produce from the garden - the below photo shows our blueberries and a fig.

Of course, if I can do it all in matching Tencel underwear, it’s an extra feel-good morning!

organic basics tencel discount code

When Organic Basics wrote to me, I wasn’t too fully clued-up on Tencel and its use as a clothing material. I did a little Google research however, and want to share this with you.

Tencel is a brand name for a type of lyocell, which is cellulose fibre made from dissolving pulp using dry jet-wet spinning. It was developed in the early 70s, and today has its use in activewear, as it is 50% more absorbent than cotton and is less prone to bacterial take-overs.. Tencel is a great alternative to synthetic activewear as it’s breathable, absorbs moisture, and is soft on the skin. It is, however, pricier than synthetic materials. When purchasing clothing, I prioritise good quality, fairly-made clothes - I accept that the increased fee is the only way I get to vote as a consumer, to show that there is a demand for more sustainable forms of clothing. If enough people buy sustainable lifestyle products, the price will be driven down. As with all natural fibres, Tencel is also biodegradable.

Below is a 10% coupon that expires on the 7th Oct 2019 for a 10% discount with any of the Organic Basics range.


Thanks for reading!


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