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Smoothie Bowl: Terry's Chocolate Orange

Orangey chocolatey heaven in a high-protein, dairy-free smoothie bowl! 


Blend the following in a Nutribullet, saving half the banana and a few orange segments to garnish: 

1 scoop pea/hemp/rice protein

1 scoop wheatgrass/barley grass  

1 banana

1 orange

3tbsp cacao/carob - I used both today, the carob gives it a little extra natural sweetness 

1 handful chopped hazelnuts  

1 handful goji berries for sweetness

3 heaped tbsp soya flour - I added this because I wanted it to be thicker & more creamy!

1 cup water  


P.S. There's always a surplus of smoothie once I've poured it into the bowl and scraping it out of the blender is maybe the best bit 😍 


Have a lovely food-filled weekend! :)


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